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Posted on 12/18/2011

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I am not looking for romance, a date or soul-mate!! I am a a professional photographer seeking to offer my imaging services to lades seeking to increase their rate of success in the world of Online Dating. Listed below is a link to a gallery on my site where you can view and review examples of my work followed by an address where you can contact me for personal assistance or with additional questions. There are three (3) reasons why you should contact me and need my services:

FIRST, Image is Everything and the image(s) you present online reflect the responses you receive and by that I mean no picture, no response or the wrong response from the wrong people. Worse yet, a bad picture will result in a very bad response, if any at all. My service ensures you will see an increase in responses and by the right people

SECOND, Everything begins with that 1st impression in the world of online communications, online dating. You can write a great description of yourself, any anyone reading it will want to know you but you have to get them to read it and THAT task falls to your image. My services focuses on creating images that capture attention, the right attention. Many of the ladies that get a lot of attention and its "wrong" get it because of what's in their photo's, we show you what to take out. Those who are getting little or no attention are not getting overlooked because of their looks but because of what they are offering others to look at. My services assists you in creating looks that captivate attention.

THIRD, I am not a "glamour shots" studio robot. Every client receives my personal attention in creating the looks that will work best for them. I am a professional photographer and experienced editor however I DO NOT create over edited photo's filled with makeup and altered bodies. We draw you out in images. We draw out that person that's in you so that all who see you will want to know you and we do all of this without a lot of sex signals and cosmetics.

Whether you are looking for a new friend, someone to spend a lot of time with or someone to spent forever with the image you present will start or stop the conversation so be sure it starts the right conversation. To make that happen you must begin with your photo(s) and we focus on that area.

To learn more go to "www dot wwlphotos dot com / Boudoir / Thats-Boudoir" or contact me at allure at wwlphotos dot com with any question or to setup a time to speak about your needs.
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